Entry #12

Progress is on holt for JR

2010-02-15 19:40:40 by skylinegodzilla

As I have started a new game planed to be released early to mid week.
this new game is called SkySpeed.

I got the idea from a flash experiment my friend Beejay did it was a running game with sikes and springs and stuff but it was full of glitches so he trashed it and moved on to something else .

Any way I made my own version of the experiment and I mange to get past all the bugs and glitches I then turned it in to a game.

More on the release of this project later

Progress is on holt for JR


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2010-07-07 06:25:21

The screenshot looks nice.
Give me a PM when you release the game


2011-08-16 01:33:32