skylinegodzilla's News

As I have started a new game planed to be released early to mid week.
this new game is called SkySpeed.

I got the idea from a flash experiment my friend Beejay did it was a running game with sikes and springs and stuff but it was full of glitches so he trashed it and moved on to something else .

Any way I made my own version of the experiment and I mange to get past all the bugs and glitches I then turned it in to a game.

More on the release of this project later

Progress is on holt for JR

I have been working on a platform fighting game since October now and progress on it is slow.
I have tested the engine and it is working fine
but creating characters and level designs takes alot of work
I am planing on having more then 20 levels in this game and most levels will have a different opponent to fight against.
each opponent will have there on special attacks and ability's.

So far I have Conley created 2 characters
Here is a screen shot of the game play

Progress on Skylinegodzilla James reveng game is slow

Come to FA if u want to improve your flash skills

So like fa is a site dedicated to helping people improve on there flash skills.
Well that and every thing else to do with it like animating, art, music, voice overs, programing ect.
come check it out
Image of sky done by member of Flash Armory.

Great place to get help in Flash


2009-03-27 06:26:23 by skylinegodzilla

hay guys its been a while since i have posted any thing hear so i decided i might and post an immmage i have just made

for the fulll size immage go hear 02/BenCawley/skypaper.png


it is where you make your own city and more
it is realey fun and simple to use

Like my new look?

2008-11-24 22:13:28 by skylinegodzilla

hear is my new look
some one i know drew it fr me but it looks good don't you think?

Like my new look?

My Goals

2008-10-09 22:11:49 by skylinegodzilla

My Goals Are

1)to get 400 experience points
2)to make a flash movie that is complete randomness(called random movie)
3)to make a platform shooter game
4)to make space game v2 (i have allredey done the basic planing on paper)
5)To complete these and any other future goals that i might add

A Flash Exhibit

2008-09-27 08:15:06 by skylinegodzilla

i was thinking i have a lot of flash experments that i have made ad some times some people can fidt thease little things fun
after thinking abou what students at schol thought about my space game engine i was thinking what if i put all of the flash experments into one flash project like how art gets put in an art exhibit this could be like a Flash exhibit

i mean i have a side scrolling platform game engine, i have iterative mouse things like immages that move to places according to where the mouse cursser is, i have moving experments, 3d experments (well sort ove) and so on

also it is a good way for me to show you all of my work and what i can do

and it is a good way for me to see what you people might like
so i was wondering do you guys think that it would be a good idea to make a Flash Exhibit

New Verson of Flash

2008-09-23 03:35:53 by skylinegodzilla

i have just found out that Adobe is bringing out Creative sute 4 (cs4) witch includes the new verson of flash
they have not said when it will be available
i wonder what type of new stuff is in it?

well i guse this can be counted as both good and bad news

good as it means that ther will be more feachers and more things we can do with flash

bad because if we want to stay on top we will need upgrade to it and it will cost us

New Verson of Flash